How to Create or Import an Icon Library to FolderIco

FolderIco comes with a number of pre-installed icons to assign to your folders, but if you want more, you can always import a new icon library or even create your own.

What is an icon library?

FolderIco treats any zipped file with icons in the supported formats inside as a library. You can create your own icon libraries in FolderIco as described below, or import any number of libraries either downloaded from our website or third-party ones.

Importing an icon library to FolderIco

To import a library with icons to the program, open the main window of FolderIco. Select "Library -> Import an existing library" menu.

Browse for the library file (zip) and open it. The program will load the library and display its contents:

Here, you can review icons this library has. If this is what you want, click the OK button to finally import the library to FolderIco.

The imported library is displayed in the list of icon libraries:

Now, you can assign icons from this library to any folders of your system!

Removing an icon library from FolderIco

If you want to remove library, right-click it and select "Remove" command.

Exporting an icon library from FolderIco

To export a library, right-click it in the list and select "Export".

The library is exported as a simple zip file with icons inside, so you can easily share it with any other FolderIco user.

Creating a new library in FolderIco

To create your own library, select the "Library -> Create New Library" menu.

The program asks you to provide a name for your new library. Enter the name and click OK.

Now, you should see an empty library:

Click the plus sign to add icons to the library. This will open the file selection dialog. Browse for icons you want to add to your library, then confirm your selection.

To remove an unnecessary icon, right-click it and select "Remove". The same way you can assign any icon to be the cover icon for the library. By default, the first icon in the set is used.