How to Change Folder Icon to a Custom One

Making your computer workplace unique is easier than it seems. Here is how you can change a usual non-distinctive yellow icon of a folder to a customized and easily recognizable one.

Step 1: Choose the folder you want to customize

FolderIco offers you two options: select one of pre-defined icons, or create your own folder icon. First of all, right-click the folder you want to customize and select "More Icons" in the FolderIco menu. This will bring up the folder customization dialog. What's next?

Make right click on folder

Step 2: Unleash your imagination!

There are multiple ways to make a folder icon look unique.

a) You can add a cover image to the folder to make the icon visually display what's inside the folder.

Click the "Load Overlay" button and select an image you want to add. Adjust the size and the position of the overlay for the best fit.

Add cover to folder icon

b) You can change the color of the folder. Click "Select Color" and pick the one that matches your idea of that folder.

Change color of windows folder

c) Or you can do both:

Change cover and color for folder

Looks great, doesn't it? Think of plethora of possibilities you now have! Decorate a notebook of your kid with animals or toys, apply custom images on your working computer to quickly navigate through projects, use different color schemes to indicate statuses of folders. Or…

d) Use any image as a folder icon

Load user defined folder icon

Click the "Load Image" button and open a image file with the custom folder icon from any icon pack you can download on the Web. Save the icon for further use to any library.