How to Customize FolderIco Explorer Menu

How to customize FolderIco Explorer menu

One of the distinctive features of FolderIco is its ability to quickly change the default folder icons to something more meaningful and self-explanatory. That's really great, and FolderIco comes with a bunch of predefined folder icons already available in the FolderIco Explorer context menu.

FolderIco menu

Now, what if you want to add some more icons to this menu or replace some of the default ones? Here is how you can customize the Explorer right-click menu and add your own icons to the "Change Folder Icon" menu.

Step 1: Open the More icons dialog

Right-click the folder you want to customize to bring up the Explorer context menu and select the "Change Folder Icon" to see all currently available icons. Click the More icons item. You should see this dialog then:

FolderIco main window

Step 2: Adding your own icons to the program

Before we can add custom icons to the Explorer menu, we need to load them into FolderIco first. You can add icons to existing icon libraries or create your own.

User Icons

If you want to create your own icon library, just select the "Library->Create New Library" menu item.

To add an image to the library, click the Add Icon button to load image you want. Note that the actual image format doesn't matter to FolderIco, the app automatically converts any supported formats to ICO and resizes them accordingly.

Step 3: Edit the menu

Since we need to embed our own icon to the menu, select the "Edit->Menu Editor" command.

Menu Editor Dialog

At the left panel, there's a representation of the current right-click menu. The right part displays all available icons. In this dialog you can rename existing icons, add new ones, even add new sub-categories to stack similar icons together.

To rename an item, double-click it and enter a new name.

Rename menu item

To create a new category, simply drag one item to another. For instance, here we dragged Blue into Azure.

Create category

To add a new icon, drag-n-drop the icon you want from the right side and place it where it fits the best in the menu order.

Add new menu item

The upper buttons allow you to delete an unnecessary menu item, move it up or down inside its parent category or add a divider.

Step 4: Save and enjoy

Save all changes done, and test if the menu functions as planned. Right-click a folder in any Windows Explorer window and try to apply the icon we have just added to that folder. Looks cool, eh?